Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Clash of Wallpaper

When in the course of Chinchilla events it becomes necessary to take any job that's available we will occasionally take a gig that is euphemistically classified as wallpaper music. This in essence means that we have lost complete creative control over the situation and are actually asking people to not pay attention. (Not that I'm complaining, we love to play and will do just about anything to show off.) We must scour the repertoire for non-music as I like to call it, you know, background stuff. And then we have to play it longer than we have originally prepared and so it changes! Again that's OK as well because we like to jam sometimes. (just another way to show off really, that is if anyone is listening)
But something happened at The Saturday Afternoon Club on...wait for it..Saturday Afternoon! People began listening! Oh, yeah, we were surprised too. But for some reason the songs we had chosen were going over nicely and so we broke the cardinal rule of wallpaper and it was getting sticky. More and more people were listening and then it happened at the end of a song...wait for it...ovation! That's right folks, it started with just the sound of one hand clapping and then suddenly that hand came in contact with another. (Thus the clapping sound arose) and it was repeated and then again and again until the clapping became applause and all the imprisoned people in abject poverty were fed and freed of their bondage and peace settled over the earth and the forces of evil were once more reduced to their slinking away into the darkness to plot and plan their next assault. They will just have to wait until the applause dies down... and who knows just how long that will take?


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