Friday, September 25, 2009

The Whole Chinchilla Day Commercial Thing

The odious and ghastly exploitation of the Chinchillas is historical. All existing wild species are endangered and at least one species has been hunted to extinction. No small wonder that Madison Avenue has seized on the rodents' angst to engender a sort of revolutionary fervor in which to pander to the violent tendencies in humans. Chinchilla Day indeed! The Chinchillas have not had their day, oh no dearest reader, nay! There will come a time when the flayed gassed-to-death zombiesque carcasses of our brethren will literally rise from their tormented graves to exact the revenge from these "Mad Men" that have so callously and casually , portrayed this affable, curious, gentle friend of humanity, this fuzzy imp as a dangerous gun-toting "bandito".
Yes, take some time off in Las Vegas. Go lose your shirt, as it were. You won't be needing it. What goes on in Las Vegas... The loved ones hiding in their stolen stoles will not be safe from these vengeful devils. They have been lying chin-chilled without their comfy coats and they want their covers back. Only then will our namesakes find peace in the whirling dust bath of infinity.

"But it's all in fun" you say, "...just a commercial" Well I suppose you are correct. But later on as you slumber if you hear a scurrying about in the pantry, a gnawing on some fallen tid-bit, don't be alarmed. It's already too late! Hah hahah ha hahah ha ha...


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