Sunday, October 20, 2013

Success and Fun

They were tearing up the stage area on October 19th when we were scheduled to play at Ruth McGowan's but "The Show Must Go On" and thanks to Lennie (our Cloverdale benefactor) and his sound reinforcement prowess we were able to rise to the challenge. It was an unstressful and successful gig. The restaurant was packed so the staff was busy. The set list went over well and we are extremely grateful to have good friends in that town to the south.

And guess what! We get to do it again on November 30th. Now, this time I'm giving you plenty of warning. Come on down smack dab betwixt the big holidays of Thanksamillion Day and Boxing Day and enjoy the music that compelled one person in the audience to remark, "What kind of genre is THAT?"  But it's like we always say, "When Normal Music Just Isn't Enough!" call The Chinchillas!

We promise you our best show yet.


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