Thursday, October 10, 2013

That Happened!

Well, thanks to Bob Dress and Dennis Miller for doing the sound at " A Taste of Autumn" we played for an hour and then drank some of that Butte Creek beer on tap. A couple of great acts played fore and aft of us. One of them, Julian and the Upside Sound played some I don't know "Newgrass" or alt- grass...anyway melodic and fun. Great local band. And then some great singers accompanied by an accomplished pianist, Necole and Tim Suttles and Jon Mather. They did some classic pop songs. We did some of our dulcimer tunes and and some new tunes we are working on and with the exception of a few monitor issues we think it went pretty well.
 That brings us to the current focus and that is back to Cloverdale's wondrous pub.  I call Ruth McGowan's the best pub in Ukiah because it's the best pub in another county and we have nothing like it here. If you've never been, go on the nineteenth of October when we are there and you can hear some of the new fun stuff we are working on and eat some of the best pub fare and drink some of Northern California's finest ales.  We will dedicate a song to you if you mention this BLOG!


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