Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back to Cloverdale

This is our Favorite Gig. It happens every year about this time... um! if you count last year and this year. Maybe we will play here even more. It's a great pub and they have great ales and beers made on the premises and some of the best PUB-Fare food to be found in Northern California. Please come and and "Eat, drink and bring Mary"... and Joseph and Walter and all their relatives and yours or just you and your friends. 

Our exciting news is that Cindy is back in the band as you can see by the photo. We are playing a lot of our good ol' Dulcimer tunes which include originals and original arrangements of Irish and British Isles folk melodies along with some fun Rock n' Roll and standard folk tunes.We've been having a great time prepping!
Our thanks to Lenny and Carol for helping us secure this setting!

Here's a couple of pics that prove how long we have been at this...

Please come and visit...


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